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Announcing brand new CHI website! by cdschroer
January 12, 2012, 7:41 pm
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We recently unveiled a brand new website at It has been in the works for a while (these projects always take longer than you want them to…) There is a lot more information about our current work, and we hope you will find that the new menus and navigation make it easier to find things you are looking for. There are a few things I would like to highlight.

First, check out the totally new technologies section starting with the technologies overview

Then you might want to go to the downloads page to find guides and software for RTI:

We have an updated publications area, including information about two new books that are being published this year with CHI contributions:

And for a bit of eye candy, you might want to look at our library of videos on our Vimeo page:
These are also integrated throughout the site.

No such announcement would be complete without a few acknowledgments, and this one is no exception. Most of all I would like to thank Casey Cameron who volunteered an enormous amount of time to get all the content (old and new) into the new site. I don’t think that does her work justice as she wrote material, reorganized, and generally made all the content come together. I would also like to thank Mike Quillman for his design work including coding up the templates, making a maintainable system, coding the stylesheets, and so much more. Others that provided help, advice, and content include Marlin Lum, Tim Lindholm, Mark Mudge, Jack Dynis, Jon Cooper, and me (Carla Schroer) Lots of folks also helped review pages and content, and we really appreciate that.

I’d like to close with a request for help. Since the website has moved to a new location, it would be extremely valuable if you would help us spread the word by updating any links you have, blogging about us, “liking” our facebook page, and any other ways you can think of to help the new site be found by others. The old site ( is still up for the moment, but we will be redirecting pages from there to the new site shortly.

Now that the new site is up, we hope to be a little more regular with our posts to this blog as well. (hey it’s a new year, I can hope can’t I?)