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CHI Team Images Magdalenian Material in the Foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains by cdschroer
October 15, 2009, 8:14 pm
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By Carla Schroer

Mark Mudge and I had the incredible opportunity to shoot RTI and Photogrammetry of Paleolithic material in the south of France. The trip was organized by Professor Meg Conkey of UC Berkeley, a scholar of this region and this material where she has worked for decades. In this pilot project we imaged some engraved plaquettes which are quite difficult to see because of the fine lines and the age of the material (~ 12,000 – 14,000 years old – during the last ice age) We were also able to spend a day in the cave of Marsoulas with local archaeologists Carole Fritz and Gilles Tosello. They have been working in this cave for 12 years sorting out the overlapping fine lines and incredible painted animals and geometric signs found throughout this long and narrow cave. Their work is made more difficult by grafitti over the art in places as well as natural wear and water damage to some surfaces.

Graduate student Tim Gill was also with us on this trip, and will be presenting some of the results of the work at the Archaeological Research Facility at UCB.

It is humbling to stand in a place where such ancient and beautiful art was made. We are thankful for the opportunity and hope that our work can provide additional tools for the people working with this material.

Check out the Flickr Gallery: “Magdalenian Art in the Ari├Ęge

UC Berkeley professor Meg Conkey helps to shoot photogrammetry in the cave at Marsoulas.

Photogrammetry Environment in a Paleolithic cave in France (L-R): MacBook Pro, 580EX II with gary fong light sphere diffuser(s), Gitzo geared column tripod with a 5D Mark II mounted upside down, another 580EX II (triggered by pocket wizards) and UC Berkeley professor Meg Conkey.

Mark Mudge carefully setting up for an RTI capture.

Mark Mudge carefully setting up for an RTI capture.


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